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Blogging ideas

The new ggplot2 blog aims at highlighting specialised, ggplot2-related web content. There is a difficulty in simply linking to articles from the web, it is very easy to engage in a circular logic where the original article, posted on blog A, was highlighted in blog B (e.g R-bloggers), re-linked to blog C (here), and re-re-linked to blog B…

Stackoverflow and mailing lists offer every week new challenging questions, and new perspectives on the use of ggplot2. Again, this content is probably already followed by many ggplot2 users.

With this in mind, I wonder what new content could be introduced with some compromise, avoiding complete repetition on one hand, and requiring too much imagination/research on the other hand, if the aim is to post regularly.

I have drawn a list of topics that I probably could cover in a few paragraphs, with links to related blog posts and other resources, as well as novel discussions. These ideas are now in the draft section of the ggplot2 blog, and include:

  • Colours that work well (ongoing three parts series)

  • Inserting external objects in ggplot

  • Displaying tables in R graphics

  • Making themes work

  • The structure of a ggplot

Feel free to email me if you’d like to team up.